On “All’s Well That Ends Well”

Qasim Khan utterly steals every scene he’s in as Parolles, Bertram’s wingman. His charisma and comedic timing are undeniable, and his overly-smooth body language had the audience laughing before he so much as spoke a word. His exaggerated playboy personae melts convincingly into a more complicated struggle with sexual identity that Khan carries off with wonderfully campy energy.” – Mooney On Theatre

“Parolles – who certainly has his faults – becomes the play’s hero in this reading. Khan, who’s given a snappy performance throughout, is now stirring as he says: “Simply the thing I am /shall make me live … There’s place and means for every man alive.” When he shows up to the final scene in a dress, it’s the only time you might feel like cheering for a character.” – The Globe & Mail

“Qasim Khan…steals every scene he is in” – My Gay Toronto

“Parolles [Qasim Khan] triumphs in the end with a fiery final scene.” – The Toronto Star

On “Das Ding (The Thing)”

…the entire cast handles Löhle’s humour…with an off-beat charm. Especially Khan, who, in one segment, pulls off an arms deal between Guy and Li, both played by himself.” – The Toronto Star

“Khan is always amusing” – The Globe & Mail

“Khan is amusing […] adding a catty flavour to his King Manoel I and quirky high energy to his other characters.” – Digital Journal

Khan has a great mime scene in which he simultaneously plays two characters involved in an arms deal.” – NOW Toronto

The actors were definitely awesome. Khan and Wright in particular[…] Seriously, these two in their opening scene as Magellan and King Manoel are hysterical and it is worth seeing that bit alone, quite frankly.” – Mooney On Theatre

“…the thing encounters[…]a Québécois aid work named Guy (a very droll Qasim Khan)” – The Globe & Mail

On “Shannon 10:40”

“Khan, in particular, is bang-on.” – The Globe & Mail

“Mr. Fisher is played with quiet sensitivity and conviction by Qasim Khan. You can feel the vice grip on this character as he gets more and more confined and trapped in that system.” – The Slotkin Letter

On “Alice Through The Looking Glass”

“…stand-out performances include the comic crescendos of Bruce Dow as Humpty Dumpty and Qasim Khan as the White Knight.” – The Guardian

Qasim Khan as the White Knight was a walking—or rather, rollicking, bouncing—comedy.” – Opening Night Reviews PEI

On “Do You Want What I Have Got? A Craigslist Cantata”

Qasim Khan is oddly poignant as a man who offers $30 for someone to watch over him as he sleeps.” – Capitol Critics Circle, Ottawa

“Qasim Khan and Bree Greig are standout in their respective roles” – On Stage Ottawa