DAS DING (The Thing)

Das-Ding-CS-Brochure_670Qasim will join the cast of the English language premiere of Philipp Lohle’s DAS DING (THE THING). Philipp Löhle’s highly ambitious social comedy DAS DING (THE THING) spans an interconnected world that binds the fates of the African Siwa, Chinese business people, Romanian pig-breeders and two young newlyweds Katrin and Thomas. As a global crisis attaches itself to the smallest marital problems on a deeply personal level, all are forced to consider whether such a thing as coincidence can exist in a globalized world. Meanwhile, the eponymous ‘thing’ – a cotton fibre in its apparently endless iterations – looks on humanity, amazed.

Translated by Birgit Schreyer Duarte and directed by Ashlie Corcoran, the show is produced by Canadian Stage Company in association with Theatre Smash. Visit Canadian Stage Company for tickets and information.